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Environamics offers a variety of interior specialty construction to our clients in the Southeast. Our team consists of individuals with many years of experience and the highest level of skill in their trades. We are committed to performing at the highest level and providing the best services in our field.

Commercial drywall and light gauge metal stud framing

From the simplest installation to a complex, serpentine layout, our installers and finishers are among the best and most experienced in the business. In our industry, our company stands out for our attention to detail, expertise, product knowledge, commitment to safety and finishing on schedule. Our goal is to achieve a level of satisfaction that will result in an ongoing relationship.

Door and frame fabrication and installation

Our team can provide a variety of door frames and door and hardware types, from the most basic office interior requirements to the special needs of a clean manufacturing facility. We can provide an economical, secure solution, or an enhanced architectural design for an exceptional space.

Acoustical Ceilings

We can quote or recommend designs that are functional as well as visually exciting, whether for new construction or renovation. Our ceiling systems are designed to meet varied budgetary, performance and aesthetic requirements in buildings of every type from retail stores to high rise office buildings.

Integrated Ceiling Systems

Designed for the distinct requirements of the open office, these systems incorporate utilities, services, and ambient lighting so that office modules can be changed and relocated easily. A wide variety of designs and flexibility are available including installation of radiant heating and ceiling cooling systems.

Interior aluminum architectural components

Our company offers the highest quality, pre-finished aluminum door and window frames for interior commercial applications. All fasteners are concealed, and recessed glazing pockets result in a sleek design. We offer a variety of finishes, profiles and trims, and matching components are available for fixed and demountable wall systems. Frames are electrostatically finished for uniform color and durability. We are able to offer custom finishes to match the designer’s vision.

Slimline Glass Wall

Our own product line, Slimline was developed to meet the desire for a butt-joint glass wall system with minimal framing. Door options include frameless glass pivot doors and sliding doors. Our Slimline glass walls answer the demand for privacy while providing extended sight lines and interior lighting.

Clean rooms

Designed specifically to meet the unique requirements of laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing and production, the ceiling and wall systems we install provide the strength of masonry without sacrificing flexibility. They are designed to avoid the long installation time and service access difficulties of plaster or other traditional wall construction. In GMP compliant manufacturing spaces and clean rooms, the variety of surfaces provides the ultimate in ease of maintenance. GMP manufacturing and cleanroom ceiling systems can also be designed for walkability, to assist with equipment and filter maintenance.

Demountable partitions

The ability to plan, control and reconfigure interiors is offered by demountable partitions. The components of demountable partitions permit earlier completion and occupancy in new construction and quick relocation of walls and utilities in existing buildings. A wide variety of finishes, textures, and materials are available for customizing your application.

Access Flooring

Developed initially to meet the needs of the computer industry, this flooring system consists of panels resting on pedestals. Access floors provide free space beneath the floor for every type of service distribution. This kind of flexibility has resulted in increased use in general office construction. Available floor surfaces include a variety of hard surfaces as well as carpeting, or bare panels can be provided for use with carpet tile. Also available is a cementitious-filled access floor panel designed to withstand heavier rolling loads. These filled panels provide acoustical sound reduction and solid feel underfoot.

Exterior wall panel systems

Exterior panels are an attractive and economical solution for creating an impactful design for building facades. The manufactured panels are available in a vast array of colors, finishes and textures, and can be assembled in a variety of ways to achieve a pattern, an interplay of shadows and light, and to add color to a building exterior.